Tamil Drama Festival 2013

The Hindu & Malles presents a Tribute to tamil Theatre

Tamil drama Festival 2013 is an event to celebrate an ancient and powerful art form that breaks down barriers and brings people together.
Tamil theatre has a large and ever expanding following and is an integral part of Chennai’s culture despite of the advent of television and cinema,there is always an audience for theatre an audience that enjoys the spontaneity of stage performance.

Lined up is four drama shows to be held on 26th & 28th of Jan 2013 at Khoo Auditorium Singapore.Tickets at http://www.movie2book.com/

1. ITHU NYAYAMA SIR  Sat, 26 Jan 2013 03:45 PM Book Your Ticket Now
2. SWADESHI IYER         Sat, 26 Jan 2013 07:30 PM Book Your Ticket Now
3. VENKATA 3                Sun, 27 Jan 2013 03:45 PM Book Your Ticket Now
4. NADAGAM                  Sun, 27 Jan 2013 07:30 PM Book Your Ticket Now

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Online ticketing on www.movie2book.com

ITHU NYAYAMA SIR is about An innocent man holds five characters (who were responsible for his mistrail) as hostages in the judge’s bungalow. He wants a retrial. In India, a man is guilty until proven innocent, so would you relate to his position?

Swadeshi Iyer : is about Sankararaman, a traditional middle-class orthodox Brahmin, is irritated that the rest of his family has been corrupted by modernisation  He is the lone swadeshi in a family of videshis until his scientist friend puts them on a time machine back to The Madras of 1945. Does the family learn old-world values after meeting Gandhiji? You will just have to wait and watch this powerful play.

VENKATA 3 is about Venkatadri, a lazy middle-class office goer, stuggles to manages his time between his office, TV serial writing and home keeping, until his Scientist Chithappa suggests cloning as a solution. Venkatadri jumps at the opportunity or should we say jumps into a cauldron of hilarious confusion.

NADAGAM : Nadagam traces the trails and tribulations faced by sabhakaran ,a dedicated theatre artiste in his journey through theatre drom 1975 onwards to present day.”All the world’s a stage” said shakespeare But for Sabhakaran “The stage was his world” with all its fun, challenge and pathos.

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